The Horses

Zephyr of Almonamar Park

Zephyr is a purebred Friesian. Her father (Stallion) Pier, resides in Holland & her mother (Mare) Jinske E, was imported from Holland whilst in foal (with Zephy) to Australia. Unfortunately, for Zephy, Jinske rejected Zephy at birth which made it very touch & go at times when she wouldn’t eat or take the bottle. Amazing as it was, I met Zephy when she was only 2 weeks old. 

My partner & I dropped into see some old friends in which were raising her at the time on their property. Little did I know, 12 months down the track, I would buy this little orphan & turn her life around. Over the years, we have developed a very strong bond in which she trusts & listens to me intensely. 

The first ‘Keuring’* she went to, she was accepted into the Friesian Studbook by the Dutch judges that flew to Australia to grade the Friesian’s Nationally. This is a grand honour which allows her to breed. 

Zephy has very stanch looks & has ‘spunk’ which gives her a unique character & style. We have come a long way together & look forward to the adventures that await us.

* ‘Keuring’ is a Dutch term used for ‘Inspection’. Friesians are inspected every two years in Australia to determine which ones are worthy of the only certified database of pure bred Friesians in the world

Elke-Omer KP

Elke is a purebred Friesian. Her father (Stallion) Omer R S Fan Top En Twel, was imported from Holland to Australia, WA. Her mother (mare) Yemke KP, was bred in Australia, WA, Kendall Park (KP) & raised Elke.

At the age of 6 months, Elke was weened off her mum & prepped for her 8 day trek across the Nullarbor to QLD, Belli Park, where she has become Zephy’s partner in crime. Elke is a year younger than Zephy & they get on like a house on fire.

The first ‘Keuring’* she went to, she was too young to be accepted into the Studbook to breed but was deemed to be ‘top quality’ which enabled her to be entered in the Foalbook Register with potential to move into the Studbook when she is of the right age.

Elke is a pretty little thing which supports the name I chose for her. ‘Elke’ is Dutch for Graceful & Noble. She is very affectionate & happy for Zephy to take the lead having a more timid nature.

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